Contact Information

Contact E-Mail Addresses

You may contact members of the Broomball Committee using the following E-Mail addresses or by visiting the Broomball office during our office hours. Please contact your league head for specific team or league related questions/issues.

Colton Stanislawski
Trevor Hornsby
Danielle Meirow
Alexis Straub
Jake Tallon
Michael Walker
Griffin Abbott
Evan McKenzie
Jacob Ludwig
Sonja Blickley
Daniel Masker 🤪
Sam Walker

Office Hours

The office is located next to the Quad Core Fitness Center on the lower floor of Wadsworth Hall in room G24.

8 AM
9 AM
Special Tasks Manager (office)
10 AM
11 AM
Broomball Chair (office)
12 PM
Broomball Vice Chair (office)
Special Tasks Manager (trailer)
Broomball Vice Chair (trailer)
Treasurer (office)
Special Tasks Manager (trailer)
1 PM
Referee Manager (trailer)
Referee Manager (office)
2 PM
Special Tasks Manager (office)
Webmaster (trailer)
Rink Manager (office)
3 PM
Web Developer (office)
Special Tasks Manager (trailer)
Broomball Chair (trailer)
4 PM
Web Developer (office)
Treasurer (trailer)
Rink Manager (trailer)
5 PM
6 PM

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