A team's jersey/uniform design, players' printed names, and team slogan must follow the guidelines set forth by Michigan Technological University: NO obscene language, NO reference to alcohol and other drugs, NO discriminatory references (race, religion, color, national origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, height, weight, marital status, handicapped, veteran, etc.).

Jerseys deemed unfit by the IRHC Broomball Committee for use in game play are not allowed on the ice or on the violating team's bench. Any jersey deemed unfit by the IRHC Broomball Committee must be removed and will not be permitted on the ice. IRHC Broomball is not responsible for player's jersey content violation. If you find a jersey offensive, report it to the IRHC Broomball Referee or Committee for review.

Jersey Approval

It is highly encouraged that the jersey design be approved by the Broomball Committee prior to printing.  To have your jersey design approved, simply E-Mail an image of your proposed jersey to your league head and they will present it to the committee for approval.  The committee meets once a week, so plan for a turn around time of up to seven days on jersey approval requests.

Generic Jerseys

Generic jerseys will be available to teams without a jersey design. Game officials may require a team to wear a generic jersey to better identify players. If both teams are wearing similar color jerseys, the away team (as listed on the game sheet) is the designated team to wear the generic jersey. Any team found in violation of any of these requirements will be required to resolve the violation before being assigned to a league.

Jersey Printing

The Broomball Committee does not provide jersey printing services, but the following local business should be able to handle all of your jersey printing requirements:

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