Rink Conditions

Getting Better

Posted by Kyle Schwab, Jan 30 - 7:10 PM

The cold weather has allowed the ice to regain some its thickness but has is not as slick as it has been. Overall, the ice is much better than it was a week ago.

Ice In Rough Shape

Posted by Kyle Schwab, Jan 23 - 7:11 PM

The unseasonal warmth and rain have been causing quite a bit of damage to the ice. We are working on trying to repair the ice.

Ice On The Rebound

Posted by Kyle Schwab, Jan 20 - 9:52 PM

The weather is getting better for the ice and the process of building it back up is under way allowing the rink conditions to get better.

Good and Bad Ice

Posted by Kyle Schwab, Jan 15 - 7:22 PM

The ice has been created and is a bit hilly in spots but has provided some good games. It is also suffering from the uncharacteristic warmth that we have been having. Make sure to check the web site to see if games are still on or not.

Ice Making

Posted by Kyle Schwab, Jan 8 - 2:02 AM

All of the snow has been removed from the rinks and we are now working on building up the ice.

Rinks Constructed

Posted by bbwebdev, Nov 5 - 11:53 PM

The Broomball rinks have been constructed at their new location.  Once colder weather arrives the rink manager will begin to make ice.

Rinks Down For Summer

Posted by bbwebdev, Jul 31 - 9:45 PM

The rinks are currently down for the summer, they will be reconstructed this fall.

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