Committee: Game Schedule for Saturday, January 28, 2023

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Saturday, January 28, 2023

Time Black Rink Gold Rink Silver Rink
Chilly Hammers
Biznus, Gooooooood...
The Lab
Janaes Team
Hooah Hoo-Has
Reserved Rescheduling Time Available For Practice Apple Juice Enthusiasts
Salty Spitoon
Chad Lemmen
The Flat Moon Society
Reserved Rescheduling Time Texas Hold'em
Morally Gray
Rugby Sled Dogs
Deo Volente
IV and Older
Sigma Tau Gamma
Reserved Practice Time
Step Team
Reserved Practice Time Available For Practice
Reserved Practice Time The Broomdogglers
Blizzards BroomBunnies
Tollhouse United
The Mighty Pucks
Houghton Hogzz
IV Baba Yetu
Reserved Practice Time Dies Irea
Grim Sweepers
Stat Crux
Mind the Gap
Omnia Possum
Lady Ruggers
Dona Nobis Pacem
Cleaning Cru
Old Man Team
The Blues Brothers
Non Nisi Te Domine
Wonder Women
Hooah Hoo-Has
The Goon Squad
IV and Older
Flying Sax Snakes
Citadel Black Dragons
Mcs Hitters
Chassell Bandits
Travises Americans
Women in Engineering
Reserved Practice Time Available For Practice
Cold Weather Injuries
Free Agent 1
Bowl Schaetz
Chad Lemmen
The Pewabic House...
Reserved Practice Time B^3
Sussy Ballers 2...
Not The Freshman
The Tech Attics
Reserved Practice Time Available For Practice Baja Babes
Alpha Gamma Domination
Da Boyz
The Gentlemen
Blades of Glory
Paint Chips - Taste...
The Sith Lords
what the broom...
Rugby Sled Dogs
Sunnyvale Selects
Rhombohedron Club
Available For Practice Scholars and Matt
Left Curve Gang
The WaffleHouse
Duck Duck Goose
The Fighting Lisas
Tackling Teddy...
Mafia Mommies
Lorax and Company
Rhombo Beta
Milk Shots
Going Bananas
The Flat Moon Society
Dona Nobis Pacem
The Red Menace
The Trojans
The Olympians
Rock's For...
Dies Irea

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